May 8, 2011

Ombre Review.

Alright so about a week or so ago I decided to turn my EXTREMELY blonde hair into ombre hair. No, I did not do it myself, even though I probably should have. I did get it professionally done, but my mistake was going to someone who had never in their lives done this style, and she even asked me how to spell it.

I'll upload pictures after this post. I posted them on my tumblr ( Anyways, here goes the review.

1. If you are a blonderexic, this is NOT the hairstyle for you. I love everything about being blonde and having blonde hair. A few days after this drastic do, I was ready to return to my golden locks.
2. If you have damaged hair/hair that doesn't air dry very well, again not for you. My hair is used to being styled every day whether it is straightened or curled. Unfortunately, after my new hair do I could no longer wear my hair straight because it was a dark brown to blonde. It was not blended well at all, and the only time it looked good was when it was curly. When it was curly it looked FABULOUS, but i was just not ready for how dark my hair was. Anyways, my hair was used to being styled, so when I did let it air dry it is frizzy and just bleh. I bought B&B sea salt spray (which was fabulous), but because my hair is naturally freezy and poofy, I had a huge head of sea salty-ness, and not the beautiful california waves I was looking for.
3. If you are an extreme blonde, like myself, and you are contemplating this style, I would suggest dying your whole head the color you intend to be the darkest, and then bleaching the tips to however light you desire them. When you bleach the tips do it in random pieces. This will help you avoid the effect of a straight line from the darkest to lightest color. (Oh hey, kind of what i have! >:-/ )I really was aiming for a dark blonde or light brown to extremely blonde (a Lauren Conrad-esque hair style but lighter at the roots), and I ended up having dark brown, almost black, to really blonde. Not what I wanted at all. I had her dye it twice, because the first time it literally looked like all i had was roots.

I mean, I guess if you have any other questions just message me. I should have done this style myself, instead of being down the drain the arm and leg it cost me. However, I was really nervous I was going to mess it up, but In the end, I think I would have done a much better job.  Also, I would have saved like 173 dollars probably. Whatever, you live and you learn!

(**DISCLAIMER** this is a new hairstylist that I just started using recently. She does AMAZING highlights, but if I wanted to ever to an edgy or out of the box hairstyle, I would not use her again. I also live in kind of a hick town right now, because it where the University I attend is located.)

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