August 3, 2011


So, if you have not heard of BirchBox, you should have by now! BirchBox is a monthly subscription (similar to that of a magazine in a way) where you get a little box every month filled with beauty supply goodies. Well, not filled with, but it gives you like 5 samples. I know that sometimes you can read reviews on a product, think you love it, you buy the $45 product, you use it, and you hate it. $45 dollars down the drain right?! Not with this company! It allows you to try various products every month, they pick it for you (you don't get to chose so it's kinda like Christmas/Hannukah/Quanza!), and they ship it to wherever you want it delivered. It's only ten dollars a month and you have the convenience of samples being shipped to you! You can register for the year right away and it's $110 dollars ( so one month free) and you can order a year subscription as a gift for someone too! How sweet?!

I'm so excited! I can't wait for September and my first shipment to get here!

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