September 27, 2011

Tresemme Fresh Start is not so fresh.

I am the girl who has to wash her everyday. Not because it gets super oil, but because the slightest bit of oil just really irks me. So, I have been contemplating purchasing these dry shampoos that are at a reasonable price. The only ones I seemed to get my hands on near me were Suave Dry Shampoo (~$3.99) and Tresemme's Fresh Start (~$6.49). I decided to go with the Tresemme Fresh Start, and I was definitely not pleased with the results. 

Unfortunately, this product left my hair twice as oily as before application.  After a few quicks spray and giving my hair a quick brush through, it was almost like I had added an oil sheen spray to my hair. I do not have super thick or super thin hair, I'd say it is between thin and medium thickness, but either way I was highly disappointed. I have had several friends rely on dry shampoos since high school, and I hate the mess using baby powder makes. Hopefully I will find a dry shampoo to my liking, and this is also the only Tresemme product I have disliked. 

If you all have any recommendations as to what dry shampoos you enjoy using, please comment! Looks like I'll have to open up my wallet a little more when it comes to finding my perfect dry shampoo. 


September 24, 2011

Curling Iron Review

I have gotten questions on other media sites as to how I do my hair. I've decided to do a review on an absolute STEAL. I'm serious though. This beauty is an absolute deal. So, there are several girls in my sorority who have used this iron, one being a girl who just competed in the Miss Florida Pageant. Any who, I had, had a curling wand to create those beautiful Taylor Swift-esque "S" curls, as well as some very old Conair curling irons passed down from my mom, and my beloved 1" straightener that can curl hair as well. It was until I asked my fellow Alpha Phi sisters what curling iron they used. A TEN DOLLAR 1" Conair curling iron from Walmart. That's right, ONLY $10. 

This iron has 25 heat settings. I have only used it on the 25th setting and the results are amazing. I have used the iron in its traditional manner by using the clamp and also have used it like you would a wand. Using this tool as a wand is my preference. Here are the results using it traditionally: 
And the results using it like a wand:

I absolutely love this little gem. I noticed that using it like a wand creates all day curls vs. using it traditionally, my hair fell flat quite quickly. I did walk into Walgreens one day hoping to pick up a few things, and the 1 1/4" iron was on sale for only $10! Which it is normally $20, so obviously I had to get it. 

I plan on doing a tutorial in the near future, I've just be ridiculously busy.

Happy Blogging!

September 16, 2011

On the hunt

So I'm looking for a new foundation. I was always a MAC studio fix girl, but I found it to be extremely orange and thick on my skin so I moved on to Makeup Forever. The quality of this foundation is GREAT, and gives me great coverage. It goes on very light, and I never feel like my face is cakey. However, I do not like the way it looks on my skin. I'm trying to find a more dewey, glowing look, and makeup forever leaves me very matte. I am contemplating try Chanel Vitaluminiere Liquid Foundation, as well as Bare Minerals. I know bare minerals is a powder, and you're probably thinking, "this girl is an idiot, powder will obviously leave her looking matte". I don't mind a matte look, as long as I'm glowing! I feel like Makeup Forever just leaves me very blah looking. It might be because I am a South Florida girl currently living in Tallahassee, and I'm in desperate need of a tan.

So please. I need some advice/recommendations on foundations! I do like a medium-full coverage due to some small scars from being an acne picker. I don't want it too thick but not too thin. I almost feel like the goldilocks of foundation. Please help a fellow female out :)


September 1, 2011


So I just realized two of my outfits never posted from polish week! I wore a super cute tribal shift dress and heels on one of our dressier days. On a more casual day I wore a jean maxi, floral button down, gold belt, and wedges. Here's the kick about the second outfit. It's from OLD NAVY! And even better it was 50% off! So my $16 skirt and $12 blouse were less than the $40 dollar gold Banana Republic belt and $40 Steve Madden wedges. I absolutely LOVE sales and steals! 

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2: