September 24, 2011

Curling Iron Review

I have gotten questions on other media sites as to how I do my hair. I've decided to do a review on an absolute STEAL. I'm serious though. This beauty is an absolute deal. So, there are several girls in my sorority who have used this iron, one being a girl who just competed in the Miss Florida Pageant. Any who, I had, had a curling wand to create those beautiful Taylor Swift-esque "S" curls, as well as some very old Conair curling irons passed down from my mom, and my beloved 1" straightener that can curl hair as well. It was until I asked my fellow Alpha Phi sisters what curling iron they used. A TEN DOLLAR 1" Conair curling iron from Walmart. That's right, ONLY $10. 

This iron has 25 heat settings. I have only used it on the 25th setting and the results are amazing. I have used the iron in its traditional manner by using the clamp and also have used it like you would a wand. Using this tool as a wand is my preference. Here are the results using it traditionally: 
And the results using it like a wand:

I absolutely love this little gem. I noticed that using it like a wand creates all day curls vs. using it traditionally, my hair fell flat quite quickly. I did walk into Walgreens one day hoping to pick up a few things, and the 1 1/4" iron was on sale for only $10! Which it is normally $20, so obviously I had to get it. 

I plan on doing a tutorial in the near future, I've just be ridiculously busy.

Happy Blogging!

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