September 16, 2011

On the hunt

So I'm looking for a new foundation. I was always a MAC studio fix girl, but I found it to be extremely orange and thick on my skin so I moved on to Makeup Forever. The quality of this foundation is GREAT, and gives me great coverage. It goes on very light, and I never feel like my face is cakey. However, I do not like the way it looks on my skin. I'm trying to find a more dewey, glowing look, and makeup forever leaves me very matte. I am contemplating try Chanel Vitaluminiere Liquid Foundation, as well as Bare Minerals. I know bare minerals is a powder, and you're probably thinking, "this girl is an idiot, powder will obviously leave her looking matte". I don't mind a matte look, as long as I'm glowing! I feel like Makeup Forever just leaves me very blah looking. It might be because I am a South Florida girl currently living in Tallahassee, and I'm in desperate need of a tan.

So please. I need some advice/recommendations on foundations! I do like a medium-full coverage due to some small scars from being an acne picker. I don't want it too thick but not too thin. I almost feel like the goldilocks of foundation. Please help a fellow female out :)


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