September 27, 2011

Tresemme Fresh Start is not so fresh.

I am the girl who has to wash her everyday. Not because it gets super oil, but because the slightest bit of oil just really irks me. So, I have been contemplating purchasing these dry shampoos that are at a reasonable price. The only ones I seemed to get my hands on near me were Suave Dry Shampoo (~$3.99) and Tresemme's Fresh Start (~$6.49). I decided to go with the Tresemme Fresh Start, and I was definitely not pleased with the results. 

Unfortunately, this product left my hair twice as oily as before application.  After a few quicks spray and giving my hair a quick brush through, it was almost like I had added an oil sheen spray to my hair. I do not have super thick or super thin hair, I'd say it is between thin and medium thickness, but either way I was highly disappointed. I have had several friends rely on dry shampoos since high school, and I hate the mess using baby powder makes. Hopefully I will find a dry shampoo to my liking, and this is also the only Tresemme product I have disliked. 

If you all have any recommendations as to what dry shampoos you enjoy using, please comment! Looks like I'll have to open up my wallet a little more when it comes to finding my perfect dry shampoo. 



  1. I haven't like the Tresemme' either!! Let me know how the Suave product works! I'm still looking for other options, too!

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  3. ooh i have been interested in trying dry shampoo...great review!

    love from San Francisco,

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  5. Interesting. I was thinking of trying that too but glad I read this before I wasted my money. Great review!!

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