December 13, 2011

New Years Resolutions

(Courtesy of WeHeartIt)

I know you may be thinking Christmas is still 12 days away and how could I possibly be thinking of New Year's Resolutions before Christmas Wishlists. If I made Christmas Wishlists, it would basically have everything little thing I find on the internet on a daily basis, AKA: TOO MUCH STUFF. So, I figure why not knock some New Year's Resolutions out of the park.

-Be more positive. I'm not a COMPLETELY negative person, but like most human beings, if one things goes wrong, I'm ready for the whole wall to come tumbling down.
-Stop biting my nails. I think this is one of my only dirty habits I've had since birth. Yes, I was a thumb-sucker, but luckily I broke that habit when braces entered my existence in elementary school. I would love to have pretty hands, and not ones that look like I stuck my finger nails in the garbage disposal.
-Invest in more statement pieces. I love majority of the clothes in my closet. I just want a few more statement, as well as basic pieces, to give me a more versatile wardrobe.
-Be nice to my hair. I have been DYING for long lock for the past few years now. I really want to start treating my hair better, and find ways to get my hair to a state where I can let it air dry and it looks pretty.
-Land an internship for the summer, as well as get my dream internship for my senior spring. I want an amazing internship. Two of them to be exact. I want everyone to be like "holy crap trade lives with me". So any stylists, magazine firms, or big name brands reading this, I'm your girl ;)
-Finally achieve that rockin' bod. This is my resolution every year since I can remember, especially since the big 2-1 is coming up in a few months, and I just really think it's time to get serious about it. 

I have a few more, but these are just the main ones. What is your main New Year's Resolution or Resolutions?


December 10, 2011

Winter is Here!

Blouse: The Loft; Cropped Pants: BCBGeneration (similar style HERE); Shoes: Steve Madden Bevv; Jewelry: Aldo Bangles, Pearl Stud Earrings. 

Blazer: Forever 21 (similar style HERE); Chambray Button Down: BCBGeneration (50% off in stores!!); Scarf: J.CREW; Leggings: American Apparel; Wedge Boots: Vince Camuto; Jewelry: Lucky Brand Tarnished Gold Hoops. 

Well, at least what I consider winter is here. It has been between 30-70 degrees Fahrenheit, which anything less than 60 is COLD for this South Florida girl. Tallahassee, you are doing me dirty.... Anywho, the cold weather means layering, and "real dressing" to those individuals. I can't wait to go home for the holidays, and get some more stand out pieces for this winter! And yes, I will be getting more creative with where I photograph my outfits, even though the drapes look quite dapper!