December 13, 2011

New Years Resolutions

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I know you may be thinking Christmas is still 12 days away and how could I possibly be thinking of New Year's Resolutions before Christmas Wishlists. If I made Christmas Wishlists, it would basically have everything little thing I find on the internet on a daily basis, AKA: TOO MUCH STUFF. So, I figure why not knock some New Year's Resolutions out of the park.

-Be more positive. I'm not a COMPLETELY negative person, but like most human beings, if one things goes wrong, I'm ready for the whole wall to come tumbling down.
-Stop biting my nails. I think this is one of my only dirty habits I've had since birth. Yes, I was a thumb-sucker, but luckily I broke that habit when braces entered my existence in elementary school. I would love to have pretty hands, and not ones that look like I stuck my finger nails in the garbage disposal.
-Invest in more statement pieces. I love majority of the clothes in my closet. I just want a few more statement, as well as basic pieces, to give me a more versatile wardrobe.
-Be nice to my hair. I have been DYING for long lock for the past few years now. I really want to start treating my hair better, and find ways to get my hair to a state where I can let it air dry and it looks pretty.
-Land an internship for the summer, as well as get my dream internship for my senior spring. I want an amazing internship. Two of them to be exact. I want everyone to be like "holy crap trade lives with me". So any stylists, magazine firms, or big name brands reading this, I'm your girl ;)
-Finally achieve that rockin' bod. This is my resolution every year since I can remember, especially since the big 2-1 is coming up in a few months, and I just really think it's time to get serious about it. 

I have a few more, but these are just the main ones. What is your main New Year's Resolution or Resolutions?


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