January 30, 2012

NYC For Me!

Exciting news! I received an internship with Showroom Delfina in NYC for 5 weeks this summer. I am so excited! I know 5 weeks may seem like a short period of time for an internship, and most of you are probably thinking, "why not the WHOLE summer?!" Well, I am spending my last 5 weeks of summer studying abroad in LONDON. Yeah that's right, Europe people. This is going to be my most adventurous year yet. Not to pour salt in the wound, but I am going on a seven day cruise for spring break leaving in a little over a month as well! Hopefully I will have lots to post for you all. I am EXTREMELY busy right now, and my boyfriend is, well, a boy, and is way to grumpy for my liking to take pictures of me at 7:00 AM when I'm done getting ready for class in the mornings. If there are any places I should see or go to, please let me know!


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  1. Congratulations on your internship in NYC and on the opportunity to study in London!! How exciting! Make sure to take lots of pic's to share of both places and ENJOY!! - J.Milner