February 23, 2012

Fab Favorites

I wanted to share with you a few of my absolute favorite products I currently have tucked away.

From Left to Right; Miss Dior Cherie, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Benefit Erase Paste, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream, Lancome Mousse Radiance Facial Cleanser, Clarisonic Mia, Kiehl's Creme de Corps. 

An under eye miracle in the tiniest container. I bought this for sorority recruitment knowing the long days and early mornings would bring on the under eye bags. This works miracles! It only comes in three shades ( I use the medium shade), but it works absolute wonders. I still use it to this day and have barely made a dent in this product.

I have the most wretched cracked heels after working in a restaurant with the wrong type of shoes (silly Lauren!). I received a sample of AHAVA's mineral foot cream in my very first Birchbox and fell head over heels with this product. I had my loving boyfriend, Victor, massage my feet with it, and woke up the next morning with smooth and beautiful heels, minus having to wear socks to bed (YUCK!). I fell even more in love when I found the full sized product at Marshalls for a measly $7! Talk about a steal.

Creme de Corps is my go-to body butter. I absolutely body butters and lotions, but did not want to repurchase my tub of Sephora brand body butter because the scent and consistency were nothing special.  When I watched a review from Gretchen, or Miss Glamourazzi on YouTube, on Creme de Corps, I knew I had to try it! It has a very sweet, almond-y, butter-y scent. The texture feels like that of whipped butter and goes on like a dream. I believe this tub retails for $46, but you can purchase it in both larger and smaller sizes. 

My daily face routine both morning and night! I purchased the Clarisonic Mia for myself as a birthday present, and it is the best investment I have made this year! I have very sensitive combination skin, and I thought the Clarisonic would irritate. Not only has been skin improved leaps in bounds in less than a month (my birthday is February 1), but I feel comfortable wearing only mascara some days! However, it is not just the Clarisonic that has helped my skin. This is the third or fourth facial cleanser I have purchased this year, and this is the only one that has lasted more than a week, I also purchased the Mousse Radiance for myself a week after my birthday upon returning Murad's cleanser. Mousse Radiance is a miracle working cleanser that retails at $34. With the Clarisonic, they are an unstoppable duo. The product stays foamy and doesn't die out for the minute to two minutes I wash my face.

Clinique's dramatically different moisturizer is the only, and I genuinely mean ONLY moisturizer I have owned that does not burn my face when  I am irritated or breaking out. One pump is more than enough to cover your entire face. I know this product will last a lifetime, and retails at $24.50, which is not too bad! 

I definitely recommend these products for anyone whose skin goes haywire when you switch up your beauty routine. They are all very gentle and very clarifying. 

On a side note, I do like to throw in Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum some nights when I am feeling extra dry in some areas. It is not featured because I use it seldom, but it is a miracle worker as well. 

I received Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb from Victor as a 21st birthday present. I have been vying for this perfume, but could not bring myself to spend the $150 on a 3.4 fl. oz. bottle. Yes, I said it, $150!!! The scent lasts ALL day, and I use it very sparingly. (3 squirts max!) It is a very musky feminine smell, so it great for days when you want a more sensual scent vs. something sweet and fruity. I have not purchased perfumes/worn perfumes (VS Pink Body Mist girl right here!) since Freshman year of highschool, but when I stumbled upon this gem, I knew I had to have it. Thank you Victor! 
Miss Dior Cherie was my signature scent when I was younger. I always yo-yo'd between this product, DKNY Be Delicious, and Burberry. I'm sure you can tell by the half empty bottle, that this is my go-to scent. It is very fruity, and smells of strawberries, champagne, and slight hint of vanilla. I absolutely LOVE this perfume, and will own it for the rest of my life! It makes me feel girly, fun, and sexy all at the same time, and Victor doesn't hate it either ;)

I hope if you were on the fence about some of these products, I helped push you over the edge and decide to purchase them. I plan on blogging much more than I have been (two days in a row yay!), so hopefully I will have some more products for you in the future!


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