February 22, 2012

Recent Beauty Buys

From left to right; Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo, Dove Dry Shampoo, Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake & Tutti Fruity, It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask.
Not going to lie, I bought the Dove Dry Shampoo previously before the other purchases, however, it is fairly new. I like it thus far. I does not blow me away, leave a slight hair spray feeling (VERY slight) and the perfume in this one is EXTREMELY strong. Thus, why I purchased the NYM Dry Shampoo. Both are less than $6, so of course I had to give another brand a try.

I have only read about Revlon Lip Butters on other blogs, and had yet to purchase one. Of course when they are BOGO at the drug store, it's a sign it's time to try em out. 
(No Product)

Strawberry Shortcake (on the left in the above hand swatch) is a traditional pink. It does not go on nearly as pigmented as Tutti Fruity (on the ride in the above hand swatch), and took me several swipes for it to show up this well on the swatch.
Tutti Fruity is great for the girl who is looking to incorporate and orange lips into her beauty routine, without diving head first into an extremely pigmented lip stick like I did. It is very pigmented in comparison to Strawberry Shortcake, however, it is not too pigmented that your lips look pure orange. It is great color that I can see flattering various skin tones. I really enjoyed the consistency of the Lip Butters, and look forward to purchasing more soon, especially because they retail at a mere $7.29! Also, the pictures do not do these Lip Butters justice...so much prettier in person, see for yourself ;)
I have yet to try this product, but I have read endless rave reviews. I know it is a go-to product for a lot of women with colored/continuously styled hair. I did a lot of research, and asked my hairdresser, about this product, because it does come with a price tag of $28.99! Hopefully I will not be let down, and will have a fabulous review in the near future. 


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