May 21, 2012

Interning (and NYC) via Instagram!

Entering the city! View courtesy of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Where I'm interning (, @showroomdelfina on IG and Twitter!)
This is what I see everyday on my walk to work, the Empire State Building
Heaven. I will have Macaron Cafe macarons at my wedding!
Wrapping up all the lines for Intermezzo
Fun little margarita bar in Chelsea! 
Pre-Mother's Day Mojitos...yummmm (@Ideya just north of Canal on W. Broadway)
On my way to SOHO, I took a quick-- and beautiful-- walk through Madison Square Park. No filter on this one, be jealous! 

New York has definitely had its ups and downs. This is the longest I have been apart from friends and family, and to say I miss them dearly is an understatement- my kitties too! Obviously I have made some new friends though! This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and I definitely find the joy in being here when I am trying to conquer a new area of the city. So far I have traveled through Soho twice (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!), Times Square numerous times, and a quick sweep through the Upper East Side as well as Wall Street during Mother's Day weekend. This weekend I plan on finding a cozy, cool spot in Central park, sporting my bikini if the sun permits, and reading a good book. Hopefully ending that day at the Central Park Zoo. 


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