June 26, 2012

Beginning Bits of London

Part of Covent Garden

Telephone Booth Art in Covent Square

Lego Machu Picchu

The Royal Opera

Monica Mason Princess Costumes; Snow White, Cinderella, Anastasia (Right to left).

Beautiful display in Banana Republic in Covent Garden

So far, very beautiful! Even though the weather is mostly a hit or miss, what I have seen thus far of London has not been disappointing. I tackled Spitalfield Market the other day, and today was Covent Garden and the public transportation systems (hello tube!). I also established the exact locations of where the FSU Study Centre is, as well as the off campus location we will be living at in Camden. I also was taught how to get from one to the other via the tube, all thanks to my mother's best-friend who resides here in Blackheath! I can not wait for Megan to get here tomorrow, and for us to tackle this city together. The only thing missing is Vic and my little babies (Dexter and Rita! meow). Stay tuned!


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