June 26, 2013

Wednesday Wants

1. Easy throw-n-go Mirror Print Tshirt Dress; 2. Beauty Blender has stepped up their game; 3.Bright/slightly tribal Bib Necklace; 4/5. This beautiful crop top and maxi skirt combo by Show Me Your Mumu; 6. Happy Chic Bedding by Jonathan Adler; 7/8/9. LondonParis, & New York prints, AKA where I spent last summer!; 10. Benefit's new (and apparently AMAZING) Stay Flawless Primer


June 24, 2013

My "Wannabe" Summer Uniform

If all of these items were currently in my closet, I would wear at least one of these pieces every day, if not the whole assemble!

I know most fashionistas enjoy the Fall/Winter months for fashion with all the layering and what not, but a born and raised Floridian, I am a total summer girl! Give me a staple sundress, a neutral sandal, and some eye catching accessories, and I am set. 

What is your go-to summer uniform this year?

Earrings | Hat | Bag | Bag | Sandal | Dress


June 20, 2013


With graduation and moving back home to South Florida, this last month has flown by. I have opened some new doors, closed some old, and my daily/weekly routine is finally in motion.
For starters, I am currently an intern in the PR/Marketing department at Ocean Drive magazine. Not only do I live in paradise, I work one block away from South Beach (not to rub it in). It has only been three weeks, but so far so good! Everyone here is so outgoing, and I have felt comfortable since day one. I've already had the opportunity to work one of the events the magazine hosted in the Art District of Miami. It is EXTREMELY cool to see all the effort and intricate details that go into the events. 

Next on the list, my trusty photographer/boyfriend will be taking some time away from his eye catching talents. For those of you who don't know, Victor is in the Army National Guard and will be on military orders for deployment to Kuwait in a short couple of weeks. I apologize in advance for the selfies and less professional photos I post of my OOTD's!

(Erin Stern IFBB Pro Figure Competitor)

To wrap up this novel, I have decided that I am going to join the world of bodybuilding and compete in a figure competition! I know most of you are thinking, "ew.....gross.....," however, it is no where near the steroid Bane (from Batman) sized female you have envisioned. I have just begun my prep for my first competition which will be on September 28. I have 14 weeks ahead of me, and will be testing my will power to the fullest. 

What are your upcoming plans/to-do's? I hope all of you bloganistas are enjoying your summers thus far!


June 5, 2013

Wednesday Wants

1. In need of a big, sturdy bag to carry all my stuff to my internship in, this Zara one seems to fit the bill!; 2. Bold Sandals; 3. The most pinned item on pinterest, turquoise and gold Michael Kors Watch; 4.  This dainty Kate Spade Wrap Watch; 5. A vintage meets modern carry-on; 6. An effortless summer dress; 7. Lucite tray to display all my trinkets; 8. New Nike Training Shoes; 9. Simple, but sexy, TRIANGL Bikini; 10. Give me this entire outfit, and I would live in this TOP & SKIRT combo!