July 31, 2013

Wednesday Wants

1. This stunning knockoff JCREW Necklace; 2. These Headliner Sunnies are perfect and so is the price!; 3. Temporarily the owner of Victor's iPad, and this Kate Spade case is perfect.; 4. Cute notebooks courtesy of RowHouse14; 5. This BCBG dress is a great summer go-to, and it's on sale!; 6. This dainty, but striking CatBird finger cuff; 7. I think I have finally narrowed down my hunt to these Hot Tools Hot Rollers; 8. I want EVERYTHING by Dogeared, but this Large Heart Ring is a top contender; 9. I have been a maxi fiend lately, and THIS one needs to join my collection. ; 10. This DRESS is girly, edgy, and fun all at the same time.


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