August 7, 2013

Wednesday Wants; Workout Edition!

1. How adorable, and might I add fashionable, are these workout headbands  by Julie from the Led Better Project; 2. The ULTIMATE bag for tackling a long day!; 3. A Polar Fit Watch that not only tracks your workout, but your daily activities as well; 4. Beats by Dre made in collaboration with Lebron James for those with a more active lifestyle; 5. Cellucor makes a great recovery supplement, and my workouts are only getting more intense with each day; 6. I am so in love with this Lulu Lemon Bag that I would/could even use it as a daily purse!; 7. I have recently grown to love the look of high tops as workout shoes, and these Supra Skytops fit the bill; 8. The style and fit of this Nike tank is perfect for a sweaty workout; 9. Perfect fit, perfect length, give me these NOW; 10. These Lulu Lemon pants look so comfy and flattering!


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