August 28, 2013

Wednesday Wants

1. These flats are perfect to transition from summer to fall, at least a fall in South Florida; 2. I'm ready to devour a delicious brunch in exactly 32 days the Sunday after my competition!; 3. I absolutely adore the color, style, and fit of this dress-give me!; 4. Aside from the stool pictured, this Target vanity is both glamorous and affordable; 5. I may not be from/live in New York, but I can wear this ring to remind me of future plans I have for myself; 6. Speaking of New York, add a garage/covered parking to Carrie Bradshaw's NYC apartment floorplan and I am sold!!!: 7. A DIY lash growth serum that beats spending $125/month; 8. I have been searching for the perfect business card, this one has made my top 3; 9. I am absolutely, positively obsessed with this top; 10. I saw this dress on Atlantic-Pacific's blog and decided it is the PERFECT style for a rehearsal dinner, or for me to just add to my closet! 


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