September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wants

1. Craving any and ALL things sweet.; 2.The Asylum seems like it will be an interesting and entertaining read!: 3.This is what I call a simple yet sexy LBD; 4. Courtney Kerr wore a similar shirt during NYFW, and I have decided that I NEED it.; 5. Tory Burch has brought back my favorite riding boots this fall, and I am ready to FINALLY own them.; 6. Summer may be over, but this dress is perfection; 7. I would not mind being the proud owner of the Sigma Beauty 18K Gold brush collection ;); 8. These ASOS heels need to wander their way into my closet.; 9. Umm why would you not want to own these super chic sunnies; 10. These pants need to be added to my go-to list! 


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