January 3, 2014

Fit Fab Friday: The Truth About The "F" Word

While I was doing my morning routine this AM--wakeup, make coffee/breakfast, feed my babies (Dexter & Rita), eat, drink coffee, peruse the internet--Refinery 29's daily email blast popped up in my inbox. 

If you are similar to myself, you more than likely have a million online subscriptions from stumbling upon websites and providing them with your email address, and receive tons of junk mail that gets thrown by the wayside. Today was one of the days actually I took the time to read the subject of the email first, and then decided to delete or read said email.

Well, when the subject "Fat: 10 things you DON'T know--but should" pops up in your notifications how does one say no?

With my new found love this past year with the fitness industry and competing in figure competitions, I enjoy reading what people consider Fact vs. Myth in a world where what works for one person does not work for another. 

However, this article by Refinery 29 was EXTREMELY informational, and opened my eyes to a lot of misconceptions I had, as well as some information I was not aware of. 

You can find the article HERE

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