May 19, 2014

Monday Mojo: What's the Rush?

My sorority sister and friend, Jamie, has a wonderful blog (found HERE) full of wit and sass. Jamie's recent post on engagements inspired my motivation for this Monday's post.
I have been in a serious relationship for over four years, however, Victor and I are in no hurry to get engaged or married. *Cue shock and awe*
I most certainly pester him with pictures of engagement rings I like, and we talk about our future together on a regular basis.
Our relationship has defied several odds that some would assume we would have been married by now. Victor has been in the military for as long as I have known him, which is over six years, and we have recently experienced an eight month long deployment. We have lived together for over three years of our our relationship, and he is honestly the best roommate I have ever had. We know we will end up together, so what is the rush?
Why not experience all the great things life has to offer without the pressure of engagaments and weddings? Becoming a self-sufficient adult is enough pressure, and our goals in life do not involve engagements, weddings, or children at this moment. While a pretty rock on my ring finger would most certainly look nice, it loses its appeal when you are still living at home, and calling someone your fiance.
"So, when are you getting married?" When the time and money is right, it will all happen, and we will have a better answer. We do not need to make our relationship anymore official than it is at this point in time.
Take the time to slow down and experience everything infront of you right now. Find a reason to make the most of every second. Form a Sunday TV ritual, or start saving for a fun vacation. We all know getting married can be a great tax break, but there is still so much to learn about life and each other.
Most individuals experience their 20's single, and I love that I get to share this time of my life with Victor, even the ups and the downs. Enjoy the lack of chaos life has to offer before careers become too demanding, before there are too many financial obligations, and before children take priority in your life.
Whether you are in a committed relationship or not learn to embrace the now. Learn to love yourself, learn to love your life, and learn to love those you choose to share it with. Enjoy it all.

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